As An Employer

The Lica Land Group: We develop weakness into strength and use it to improve the lives of our people.


We will be your first choice to help you OWN and ENJOY your CAR and HOME.

For visitors to the Philippines, we will help you and your family ENJOY a CAR and a HOME, away from home. Our customers interact with us continuously, from the actual purchase experience to services like financing and insurance, to hassle-free maintenance and repairs, to resale and upgrade. Because of us, our customers will ENJOY their experience completely.


Ownership of a car and home are two major dreams of all Filipino families in all walks of life. Visitors to the Philippines likewise seek a car and a home they can enjoy. We envision a country where a car and home are easy to acquire and a joy to experience.

Who We Are

Lica Land is a Real Estate arm that houses subgroups of multiple and various industries, all under the Lica Group of Companies.

Why Choose Us?
Represents some of the country’s most innovative property development projects in our niche, in and around Metro Manila. We are involved, both through our own developments as well as joint ventures with other leaders in the Philippine real estate industry, in middle-income residential subdivisions, leisure developments, neighborhood shopping centers, Autoplexes, and residential, office, and commercial buildings.

LICA LAND represents LICA Management’s Real Estate Division. Lica Land is involved in Real Estate Development (Commercial and Residential), manufacturer, surplus importer, and retailer of OfficeBusters (OB) Furniture from Japan, as well as offering cost-efficient IT and Networking Solutions, and many more.

What to Expect in the Recruitment Process?
We usually do a quick recruitment process compared to other companies. After submitting your updated resume, expect a call or a text from us for your scheduled interviews. We usually hold interviews through phone calls or via zoom (initial and second interview) while we require face-to-face for the final interview.

Technical or skilled positions require a trade test or series of practical exams. As long as you get through the assessment/s and three (3) interviews, we can immediately process your hiring.

We are looking for fresh talents who can and who are willing to embody our company values: Tenacity, Trustworthiness, and Teamwork.

Our Core Values

Employee Experiences

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"You'll definitely learn here!" – Former Design Coordinator

This company taught me to be a better person in terms of many things including personal growth. I really do appreciate the days that I’m there. They’re all great people and they nurture every single one.

"Good for upcoming Engrs!" – Former MEFPS Engineer
  • 8 to 5, 6 days a week
  • Good for fresh graduate Engr.
  • I learned MEPFS design, installation and testing of various equipments
  • The most enjoyable part of the job is co-workers.
"There is so much to learn!" – Former Admin
  • Workplace culture is very comfortable that you can be confident enough to showcase your skills
  • Work is Monday to Saturday
  • The hardest part of the job is being pressured on the deadlines